Frustrated Citizen Drops Sacks of Snakes in Government Office (VIDEO)

snakes in officeI think we could all learn a lesson from Hakkul, a snake charmer from India. He really gets it, you know? Frustrated with the lack of response and angered by the government, this modern-day hero got creative. Instead of protesting, or sitting on his couch and commenting on blog posts about how much he hates the bureaucracy, Hakkul decided to make a ssssstatement that the Government Land Registry office in northern India would never forget. He released 40 poisonous snakes, including four very angry and very hissy cobras, into their workspace. Employees were seen jumping up on their chairs!


Hakkul says he was pissed he was denied government assistance that would allow him to buy land for his snakes. The government says that that's not a thing, they don't just give money to people who have a lot of snakes, so Hakkul decided that if he's not going to be given a place to live with his reptiles, he had no choice but to leave the snakes at the office.

I know this is totally illegal and immoral and pretty awful, but at the same time? Hakkul's done what we've all wanted to do for so long now: Unleash snakes on the slimy people who we think are treating us unfairly. If I had the gumption, fearlessness, and an embarrassing lack of ethics, I'd have dumped sacks of snakes at the DMV, the IRS, and some government office in Richmond, Virginia that waited 15 years to send me a substantial bill for a guardrail I allegedly damaged back in 1996.

I'm not saying I condone Hakkul's actions, but I understand them. Getting caught and subsequently strangled by government red tape is enough to make me squirming mad, but also enough to push some loose canons over the edge. Frankly, I'm surprised there haven't been more mother f***ing snakes on a mother f***ing government office floor. Hakkul can't be the only one who's been tempted.

As for the snakes, they were wrangled by India's forestry department, and as of now, they're still looking for a home. Merry Christmas?

Watch Hakkul get his slithering revenge:

Can you relate to Hakkul's frustration?


Photo via YouTube

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