Girl Uses 'Grey's Anatomy' to Save Mom's Life (VIDEO)

madisyn ketsellFinally, some good, uplifting news. A 10-year-old girl, Madisyn Kestell, found her mother, Kandace Seyferth, unconscious on the floor of their Wisconsin home after Seyferth was trying to grab an inhaler during an asthma attack. That's not the good, uplifting part. The good, uplifting part is that Madisyn knew exactly what she needed to do in order to save Kandace -- thanks to ABC and their wildly popular show, Grey's Anatomy.

Madisyn dialed 911 and then immediately, with the help of her friend, Katelynn, started giving her mother CPR. Madisyn gave her mom mouth-to-mouth while Katelynn performed chest thumps. When asked where her quick-thinking, life-saving skills came from, modest Madisyn credited Grey's, saying, "Me and my mom watch the show every Thursday and I learned it from there."

Madisyn Kestell

Paramedics arrived within four minutes of the 911 call, and took Kandace, 36, to the local hospital. Kandace said of her daughter's actions, "They pretty much said if Maddie didn't remain calm and call 911 and do what she did, I wouldn't even be here to talk about it." Jeff Hermann, the local fire chief, sang Madisyn's praises, as well, saying, "These kids did what they were supposed to do and they should be commended for the speed of their actions as well as the actions themselves."

So, wouldja look at that. There are some benefits to plopping yourself in front of a television and staying up way past your bedtime after all (Grey's goes on at 10 p.m.). And I've gotta say, for as much television as I watch myself -- medical and law dramas included -- I don't think I retain all that much of it (the important stuff, at least). And I definitely don't think I would have been able to think on my feet that fast. I'm truly impressed.

Much more so than with the direction Meredith and McDreamy's storyline has taken. Just sayin'.

Check out the video:

How great (and uplifting!) is this?

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