Jerry Sandusky Makes Strange New Comments About His Attraction to Boys (VIDEO)

jerry sanduskyNow that he's been charged with a staggering 40 counts of sexually abusing young boys, there's not too much Jerry Sandusky could say that would make him look any less guilty. But surely he could have come up with something better than the explanation he gave for his vague, halting answer to the now infamous query from Bob Costas: "Are you sexually attracted to young boys?"

He was trying to claim that he was confused by the (incredibly direct) question, but during a four-hour interview with the NY Times, he pretty much admitted that, yes, indeed, he is attracted to kids. In his words:


I was sitting there, saying, "What in the world is this question?" You know? What -- you know what -- am I going to be -- if I say, "No, I'm not attracted to boys," that's not the truth, because I'm attracted to young people, boys, girls.

Right, of course. I get it now.


At this point in the interview, his lawyer (who has probably developed a twitch in his eye and pulled out the majority of his hair by now) jumped in. "Yeah, but not sexually, you're attracted because you enjoy spending time," Sandusky's attorney prompted his client.

Uh, nice try. Unfortunately I think that window of opportunity for damage control is basically painted shut.

Even more telling than Sandusky's actual words was his tone of voice and the way he looked as he spoke. According to the typical psychological profile of a pedophile, child predators rationalize their actions, deluding themselves into believing they're not actually doing anything wrong or causing any harm.

What strikes me about this most recent attempt by Sandusky to clear his name is that he really seems to believe what he's saying. Which makes sense. For a human being to do the things Sandusky is accused of doing, he would have to be seriously, legitimately mentally ill.

Which, given the very poor success rate of rehabilitating sex offenders, doesn't make Sandusky any less dangerous. If anything, it makes him more of a threat. Why should he stop what he's been doing when he doesn't even think he did anything wrong?

What do you think of Sandusky's admission that he's "attracted" to young people?

Image via CNN

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