Donald Trump Turns Republican Debate Into Bad Reality TV

donald trumpGrab your popcorn and remotes, America -- as the Republican Presidential primaries near their thrilling conclusion, Donald Trump has thrown down the gauntlet. On Friday he sent the candidates invitations, reading, "We are pleased to cordially invite you to 'The Newsmax Ion Television 2012 Presidential Debate,' moderated by a truly great American, Mr. Donald J. Trump."

And I thought the primaries would get boring now without Herman Cain! Should the candidates accept Donald's invitation, it will be official: The transformation of the Republican primaries into a reality television show will be complete. Can't you just see it? Don't miss December 27, on Ion Television: Celebrity Politician Apprentice!


Here's what I'm picturing: The Candidates are all introduced in a fast-edit video montage where they're all given nicknames. "Michele Bachmann: Crazy Eyes. Newt: The Professor. Mitt: Mittens. Rick Perry: The Ambien Cowboy." Then you see them all enter the lobby of Trump Towers (ooh, look at all that marble and brass!), briefcases in hand, with Apprentice theme music ratcheting up the tension.

You hear Donald's voice: "Tonight, on Celebrity Politician Apprentice, we will begin with four candidates. By the end of the evening only one will still be running. Who will be the winner? Stay tuned!" Think Donald is going to leave the final decision up to the American people? No way! He's the kingmaker -- he'll decide who gets to continue running for President of the United States ... and who gets fired!

And then the real fun begins! Because Donald is still considering running himself as a third-party candidate. (Maybe for the Trump Party, right?) And let me just be the first to say that if Obama and whichever Republican is left standing have to run against Donald Trump in a Presidential race, it will be time to use the dreaded phrase: Get out your water skis, Fonzie, because this Presidential race has jumped the shark. Sigh. Is this proof that we don't take politics seriously anymore?

Do you think the Republican candidates should accept Donald Trump's invitation to his debate?


Image via milesgehm/Flickr

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