Welfare Queen Asks for Too Much (VIDEO)

angel adamsAngel Adams is a single mom, just trying to make ends meet. After all, providing for 15 children is a difficult task. Especially when the father of most of her babies is in jail, and she ignored repeated warnings from her landlord about occupancy issues for her apartment. 

I’d feel sorry for her, but I really don’t.

Adams was in a rundown motel room with 12 of her (minor) children when NBC Tampa took notice of her plight. The children were hungry, dirty, and barefoot.

Her plea for help went something like this:


Somebody needs to pay ... for all my children ... all our suffering, all our pain ... Somebody needs to pay.

Actually it went exactly like that.

As it turns out, somebody has been paying for her and all of her children. The Department of Children and Families (DCF) says Hillsborough Kids Incorporated has been helping, by paying Adams’ rent (to the tune of $800/month), even providing her furniture ... yet Adams says it isn’t enough.

After the original story aired, the children were taken from her custody and placed in a home together. After a brief stint in jail (for refusing to tell a judge whether or not she was pregnant), Adams tried to get her kids back, but was not able to do so. It turns out that kids are pretty fond of things like food and shelter, and the state likes you to provide them for your progeny before they hand them back over. 

Her sister Mary Gibson graciously provided NBC with some commentary:

The judge, DCF, they came in, and brought on a lot of mess, you know, and different allegations against her, but before that, she was doing great on her own ... we’re tired, the family is tired. Just give us back our family.

That’s a pretty shady definition of ‘great’ if it includes 12 hungry barefooted children crammed into one motel room.

Angel and her sister want the government to stay out of their lives, yet they want to be completely supported by it. It doesn’t work that way. Either the government is involved with raising your kids, or it’s not. It’s not fair to ask someone to be financially responsible for your kids, and then turn around and be upset when they act responsibly for your kids.

Adams refused to visit her children in foster care, because she did not want to agree to supervised visitation. Not that it matters anyway; she has since been banned from the shelter for threatening to harm the social workers taking care of her children.


Image via Dan Terzian/Flickr

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