Former Miss USA Rima Fakih Really Sets a Bad Example This Time

Rima FakihFormer Miss USA Rima Fakih has been blasted in the past for not being a good role model. Shortly after receiving the crown in 2010 she was attacked over a video in which she  was seen pole dancing for a radio station contest. To me, that was no big deal. Not something I'd necessarily want to see my daughter do, but if she ever did, I probably wouldn't  write her off or anything. What Fakih is accused of doing this weekend, however, is much more serious.

According to reports, the beauty queen was arrested early Saturday morning for suspicion of drunk driving in Highland Park, Mich. Not cool at all, and what's even worse is how she tried to deny that it even happened.


At 5 p.m. Saturday a tweet from her account, which also appeared on her Facebook page, stated: “Let’s clear things up now.... I’m NOT in Michigan and I’m NOT in jail! Wrong Fakih.”

Which would have been great news, except she was there. Her attorney confirmed the charges against her, (though he called them "allegations") and told the Detroit Free Press, “Unfortunately she was."  So there's pretty much no denying it now. And why try to make a bad situation even worse by lying about it? Two big strikes against her in the role model department.

Her attorney tried to defend her by saying she “has not a single blemish” on her record and that she is “very saddened and very apologetic for the situation that she is in right now.” As she should be, but when he also said, “this shouldn’t be something that defines who she is,” I have to disagree.

Now there's, of course, debate as to if any beauty queen can truly be a good role model for our daughters. But Fakih had/has some potential as her winning the crown was a win for immigrants. And while people make mistakes, driving drunk is such a careless, selfish decision to make, it's much worse in my opinion than some nude pictures or a racy video. Those kind of things hurt only the girls themselves, getting behind the wheel of a car while under the influence puts the lives of everyone on the road in danger. And that she allegedly did that and then lied about it, will in part define her in some very unfortunate ways.

Are you surprised to learn former Miss USA Rima Fakih was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving?

Image via Reckless Dream Photography

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