PETA's Reaction to Eating Horses Is Scarier Than Clubbing Seals

horseHow's this for something absolutely no one saw coming? PETA, those wacky animal activists from the commonwealth of Virginia, have come out to comment on the horse slaughter bill that just passed in Congress. OK, so that's not surprising -- of course they have!

But you have got to hear what they said. It's ... well it's actually scarier than the idea of me, a vegetarian, sitting down for a nice big bite out of a My Little Pony burger.


Ye olde nutjobs in Norfolk announced they're not exactly upset with Congress for lifting the ban on hippophagy. Their exact words?

To reduce suffering, there should be a ban on the export of live horses, even if that means opening slaughterhouses in the U.S. again.

Waaait a minute! Did PETA actually just say, "Yes, let's open us some horse-killing places, stat?" I mean, it's not exactly a ringing endorsement, but they said it! Of course they went on to say they would much rather there was no eating Mr. Ed at all -- they'd much prefer a complete and total ban on the slaughter of horses. Which sounds more in line with the whackadoodles who wanted the town of Turkey, Texas to change its name last month.

But folks, the fact is, PETA actually came out with a measured response to something. They realize that the movement of horses across international borders is something they are most against, and they're willing to let the other bit go in exchange for fighting the battle they can win. THIS, folks, is the really big news here. One might even say it's the size of a horse. Or bigger, who knows.

Anyway, the point is, if PETA's gone sane, what in the world is going to happen next? UFOs? The zombie apocalypse? Harold Camping getting his dates right?

Does PETA's response scare you more than the idea of eating horse?


Image via MarilynJane/Flickr

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