Unemployment Won't Get Better Without a Jobs Bill

unemployment officeI have a very short Christmas wish list this year. It goes something like this: My favorite perfume, chocolate, and a freakin' jobs bill already. How much longer do we have to wait? Unemployment numbers came in today, and they look better than we expected. The jobless rate came down to 8.6 percent in November. But that's just smoke and mirrors because over 300,000 people gave up looking for jobs at all last month. 

I can't believe it's been this bad for so long and we still don't have a real jobs bill passed. No, I take it back. Congress has been so dysfunctional the past couple years, I guess we shouldn't be surprised -- but we should be outraged. Our elected leaders are putting politics ahead of our interests! 


You know how the story goes: If Republicans are caught showing support for the bill, they get branded as "compromisers." Somehow that's become a dirty word even though it's what we're all taught to do from the time we're in kindergarten. And if Obama's jobs bill actually passed, and (heaven forbid!) it actually WORKED, Republican candidates would be just plain screwed in the elections, supposedly. Meanwhile 13.3 million Americans are still unemployed. 

But what do we, the people want? WE WANT A JOBS BILL ALREADY. Most of us (63 percent) support the jobs bill once we hear what's in it, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll. And most of us are totally okay with raising taxes on the rich to pay for it. So that $450 million price tag for the bill? Most people think it's worth the money. But Republicans rejected almost all of the bill anyway.

We live in a time of hard choices. I can keep my son's hands warm with $3 mittens he'll lose in a couple weeks. But sometimes it pays to invest a little more. I paid more this year for a coat that will keep my son extra warm this winter and the next two winters (I hope!). You've all made choices like that -- some things are not worth the money, some things are. A real jobs bill is something most of us want. When will Congress listen to us?

Do you support a jobs bill? Do you think we'll see one passed within the next year?


Image via clementine gallot/Flickr

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