Perverted Teacher Photographed Little Girls in Lingerie

Last month, Kimberly Crain, a third-grade teacher in Oklahoma, threw a Christmas party for a bunch of her little girl students. During this party, she dressed them up in lingerie and took their photographs. She has resigned, was arrested, and will face charges of manufacture of child pornography and lewd acts with a child, but seriously, what is going on? When is enough enough?

Lately it seems like everywhere you turn, there is another Jerry Sandusky-esque debacle of a story involving educators. And while this woman may or may not actually be a pedophile (she may have just been selling the photos), the idea that anyone we trust with our children would exploit that is truly nothing less than nauseating.

A group of parents has filed a lawsuit against the teacher, NBC station KFOR reported. Joe Vorndran, an attorney for six families, told KFOR:


I think there are significant civil rights that have been violated for these little girls, privacy issues. The level to which some of these photographs that may arise border on pornography.

Does it really "border" on pornography? Or is it simply just pornography?

As a parent, it feels more and more like there is no one we can trust around our kids. Is everyone a predator?

When a person like Crain does something like this, it has ripple effects. Now every parent whose child grows close to a teacher will worry that the teacher has nefarious intent. Now every teacher who grows close to a student will have to worry about being perceived this way. It's horrible and sick in so many obvious ways. But it also hurts in so many subtle ways.

Stories like this erode our trust and even corrode our memories. Could it be that every teacher we ever loved was secretly plotting something much less wholesome? Obviously, that is dramatic, but this kind of predatory behavior IS dramatic. And it needs to stop.

How many stories like this do we need to hear before we start locking these people up and throwing away the key?

Do you find this disgusting, too?


Image via sidewalk flying/Flickr

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