Missing Hiker Aubrey Sacco Case Has New Hope

At just 23, Aubrey Sacco had traveled to places most people never visit in a lifetime. She is an adventurer, a creative traveler, and someone who wants to make the world better. And for the last year and a half, she has also been missing. She set out for a hike in Nepal in April 2010 and hasn't been seen since. It's hard to even imagine the pain her parents must feel.

For her parents, it has been a frustrating 18 months of unanswered questions, and in the past couple days, they have released a photo of the man they believe may have been the last to be with Aubrey. "The man in the blue shirt" isn't a suspect, but he was spotted around Kathmandu when Aubrey went missing, and he appears in the photostream on the laptop they recovered among her belongings.

For a family struggling for answers, this might offer some hope. But does it, really? See the video below:


The idea that a man you don't know was with your child before she went missing and that, in a year and a half, he has yet to come forward must be pretty terrifying.

We all want our kids to go out and live their lives and do great things. Sacco was teaching yoga and living out her dream. Unfortunately, for her parents, that has become a nightmare.

So who is this mystery man in the photo? For the thousands who are following the case and helping the Sacco family, he probably seems guilty. It could be viewed as irresponsible to release his photo by unnecessarily getting this man involved or implicating him in the disappearance.

As a parent, I say who cares? And likely anyone with a half a heart (including this man in the blue shirt, one would hope) would say the same. Why he hasn't yet come forward is a mystery and lends some additional fear to the whole thing. The likelihood is that any decent person who had seen Sacco near her disappearance would make an effort to talk to her parents.

Since he didn't, one can only assume the worst. Maybe it's possible that he didn't know she was missing. Maybe he can or will help once he is found, right? The only way to know is to pass the photo on and maybe these poor parents can finally have some answers.

Do you think it's wrong to post his photo?


Image via 9 News

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