Hope It's Not a Godless Christmas for Obama, Too

national christmas treeAs I write this, the Obamas are lighting this year's National Christmas Tree in a televised ceremony with Kermit the Frog, Big Time Rush, and Ellie Goulding. This year's tree is a 26-foot-tall blue spruce from New Jersey. Everyone will sing and hold hands just like the little Whos in Whoville and I just hope to GOD Obama remembers to mention our dear Lord and Savior this time, or there will be hell to pay from the Christian conservatives!

You remember what happened when President Obama neglected to mention God in his Thanksgiving video, right? Commentators couldn't stop jabbering about how awful it was. Even though he mentioned God in the written address, and even though he's not even the first President to leave God out of Thanksgiving, you would have though he'd sung "Running With the Devil" by the reaction from religious-right pundits.


When did we get so holier-than-thou? I don't know, but the stakes for wearing your Christian devotion on your sleeve are higher than ever. So I hope -- for all of our sakes -- that Obama manages to slip in a Jesus or a Lord or something. Mention little baby Jesus, even! Something along these lines:

Today we gather on this Christ-loving occasion to light a tree, formerly a pagan ceremony a sign of our devotion to God (the Christian one, not Ganesha) and his great gift to us all. And now I'd like to tell you again the story about when I was saved by God's loving grace, because Americans just can't get enough of that. Let us all pray -- TO GOD.

That's good, right? Obama should totes hire me as his new speech writer! I would rock at it. I smell a second term, everybody!

But is it enough? Even if Obama does mention God, he probably won't mention him enough times, or loudly enough, or in the right tone of voice. Or people will find reasons to complain about something else. Let me think, are amphibians objectionable on religious grounds? I seem to recall something about a plague of frogs in the Old Testament. Watch out, Kermit. And Obama, don't forget: Little Baby Jesus cries when you forget to mention his Daddy.

Do you think people will find reasons to criticize this year's National Christmas Tree-lighting ceremony?


Image via izik/Flickr

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