Senators John McCain & Chuck Schumer Behave Like Petty School Kids

john mccainThere was a scuffle on the Senate floor Wednesday that involved Senator John McCain of Arizona and Senator Chuck Schumer of New York. It all started when McCain joked that Long Island was regrettably part of the United States. Schumer was insulted and took to Twitter like a tween to lament McCain's statement. So then McCain gave a half-ass apology to the Senate, saying something like he was sorry that Schumer can't take a joke, and that he hopes one day he'll find a sense of humor. Then Schumer, again with the tweeting, blasted that if McCain wanted to mock parts of America, he should start with Arizona.


Girls, girls, please! This is no way to behave. McCain and Schumer were acting like petty fifth graders on the school playground. My state's better than yours! Nanny nanny boo boo! And when Schumer got Twitter involved, the paltriness was taken to a new level. McCain shouldn't have made the joke and shouldn't have given a lame apology, and Schumer shouldn't have fired back. Everyone was wrong. It's sad to see that we have to remind our nation's leaders that some things really aren't worth getting that upset about.

It seems that Schumer made a mountain out of a molehill in the name of gaining popularity. He wanted his followers to see that he stands up for New York and Long Island, but really, as a New Yorker, I couldn't care less. I'd much rather he'd taken the high road, let the press come to him about McCain's comments, then quip something like he doesn't like to get involved in picayune politics. Essentially, he should've just brushed his shoulder off in the face of the insult. No need to engage.

New Yorkers are supposed to be known for their thick skin -- Schumer isn't doing us any favors here with his sad little tweets. I guess it's what we've come to accept from politicians, sadly. Some digs flying back and forth, a Twitter battle, and a lazy apology -- there's nothing that's surprising about any of it, which I guess is the saddest part.

Who do you think was more at fault, Schumer or McCain?


Photo via Soggydan/Flickr

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