Sandusky's Version of the Shower Victim Story Makes You Think Twice

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Victim 2, the since unidentified 10-year-old boy that Mike McQueary says he saw being raped by Jerry Sandusky in the shower, may have finally come forward. But don't get too excited. Do not expect a damning confession in a prime-time TV interview. Don't expect investigators to finally be able to sort out all the conflicting stories and get any closer to the horrible truth of what really happened that day.


When details of the shower rape were first revealed, everything seemed to center around finding the boy. You could only imagine Jerry Sandusky wracking his brain over which one it might have been and trying to find him before investigators did. And according to Sandusky's lawyer, Joseph Amendola, he has.

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If you believe Amendola (not easy to do), the boy, who says he was the one in the shower with the coach that day, showed up in Amendola's office with his mom and brother and told "the truth," according to an exclusive interview in the Patriot-News. And that truth is that there was no rape, nothing sexual was going on. Just lots of naked showering and surfing from one side of the stalls to the other. So says Amendola. That might explain that "slapping" sound McQueary reported, I guess. It was all a big misunderstanding, see how easy! Maybe Penn State should reconsider officially firing Joe Paterno today!

There are so many problems with Amendola's assertions about Victim 2, I don't know where to begin. First of all, how can anyone -- even the boy himself -- be positive he was the same Victim 2 referred to in the grand jury report if in fact he does not remember a rape? Sandusky apparently had lots of victims -- more are coming forward every day -- and his MO seemed to be the same with all of them: naked showering, groping in the car, back rubs in bed in his basement. How do we know that Sandusky didn't rape another (or several other) boys in that shower (god forbid) and that the real Victim 2 is still out there?

Amendola also said Sandusky did not see McQueary walk in on them; he only learned about it after the university questioned him about the incident. So presumably, the boy didn't see him either. And, if nothing sexual was going on, a member of the football staff walking into the locker room showers probably wouldn't have been all that remarkable an event to remember it 10 years later.

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What makes Amendola's spin even more unbelievable is the response from the boy's attorney, who was contacted by the Patriot-News reporter trying to confirm the boy is in fact Victim 2, and the terse response that followed. The lawyer would not only not confirm which "victim" his client is, the lawyer explained he got a court order to prevent Sandusky from identifying him. If nothing happened in that shower, why would he need to do that? The lawyer angrily blasted Amendola for "attacks on the credibility of victims by publicly declaring that he wants a presentment victim to step forward and defend [Sandusky]." He added in a written statement:

"Our investigation reveals that Sandusky is an unrepentant child predator. He caused incalculable devastation to children, their families, and our community and is continuing to do so through his attacks on the victims’ credibility."

That doesn't sound like Victim 2 or 20 or 47 or whatever number he was in a string of merciless abuse is denying that "nothing sexual went on" to me. And while it is sort of a shame that investigators may never find him, looks like it might not be necessary anyway. The latest news today is that Amendola says a plea agreement for Sandusky is not on the table. Sounds like he should reconsider that, and quick.

What do you make of the latest developments in this story? Do you believe that Victim 2 has come forward and says there was no sexual assault?


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