Should Herman Cain Drop Out?

Herman CainThis just might be Herman Cain's worst week ever.

As if the sexual harrassment allegations and foreign policy gaffes weren't enough, this week an Atlanta businesswoman announced that she had a 13-year affair with the Republican presidential candidate.

And with this news, it appears that Cain's confident facade may finally be cracking. Cain says this latest attack on his credibility is taking a toll on his family and wife Gloria in particular.

He plans to meet face-to-face with Gloria on Friday. It will be the first time he's seen her since news emerged of the alleged affair (which Cain denies took place). And once he talks with her, he says he'll make a decision on whether he should remain in the race.

What do you think Herman Cain should do?


I can't help but think back to when I watched Herman Cain get choked up a few weeks ago during the Thanksgiving Family Forum in Iowa. When the subject of regrets came up, he grew teary-eyed as he admitted that he wished he had been around more for his children while they were growing up.

For me, that hit home. As a parent, I don't want to have those kinds of regrets -- and hearing from a top executive and presidential candidate that his business success came at a tremendous personal cost reminded me that I need to constantly be on guard to make sure that my career doesn't take too much of a toll on my kids' well-being.

Now that Cain has come to this personal crossroads, I can't help but wonder if it could be his chance to try and fix his regrets as a father and husband -- by making a decision that could help heal his family, despite the fact that it would be a tremendous blow to his ego and a disappointment to his supporters.

Whatever he decides, I really feel for his wife Gloria right now. She seems to have made a tremendous effort to be a good and supportive wife to her husband, and she doesn't deserve the pain that all of these allegations are surely causing her.

In the meantime, Herman Cain continues to campaign across the country and his team shows no signs of letting up in its battle to secure for Cain the Republican presidential nomination. But analysts are saying Cain's campaign has already sustained so much damage that it may already be too late.

This from the Detroit Free Press:

Dan McLagan, a veteran GOP strategist based in Atlanta, said Cain "is like a zombie at this point: He's dead but he does not appear to have noticed and has kept on walking."

Do you think Herman Cain should drop out of the race?


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