Airport Flash Mob Makes Me Want to Strap on My Dancin’ Shoes (VIDEO)

Flash mobI know it’s not quite the end of the year, but I can say this with confidence before the ball drops: flash mobs are probably the coolest thing 2011 has to show for itself. (I’m talking about the fun ones, not the ones where people beat each other over the heads in sporadic acts of street violence.) I don’t know who’s organizing these random performances, but I’m sure glad they do.

So imagine my joy when I stumbled across this little number that erupted at Denver International Airport last week. My, how I love sudden outbreaks of song and dance. Look at the faces of the disparaged travelers, all slumpy and sludgy, just moseying through the terminal when suddenly — energy! (I just lifted my fingers off the keyboard to do jazz hands.) One hundred dancers, a crowded airport, and classic tunes all conspired to make a magical flash mob memory: 


With all that’s going on in the world today, isn’t it just nice to see some folks happy enough to dance a jig for no good reason at all? (OK, so apparently it wasn't exactly spontaneous but it's still fun to watch.)

So hey, while I’m on a roll with the flash mob dance clips, I might as well throw my personal favorite in here. How come fun stuff like this never happens when I’m trying to keep my duffle bag atop of my wheeled luggage on the moving walkway at the airport or when I’m shifting from leg to leg with an armload of crap I picked up but don’t really need at Target? Where’s the entertainment then?

Well, maybe it’s for the best. I might be too tempted to join in. And 5, 6, 7, 8…

Are flash mobs creative genius or a corny public nuisance? 

Image via Johndaviesphotography/Flickr

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