Jerry Sandusky's Quest to Prove His Innocence Is Laughable

jerry sanduskyAfter the insane media storm that was a few weeks ago, things seem to be rather quiet on the Jerry Sandusky front lately. That's probably because the ex-Penn State coach, who is free on $100,000 bail, has been busy. He's quietly working with a private investigator to prove he's innocent of the 40 counts of alleged sexual abuse he's being charged with. That's right, Jerry Sandusky is conducting his own investigation.


To me, this is one of the most absurd developments to come out of this case. His own investigation? Come on, dude, you're not fooling anybody. The jig is up -- somebody walked in on you. There's nothing to investigate besides you.

Clearly, Sandusky isn't conducting this investigation because he's trying to get to the bottom of anything -- he, and everybody else, knows damn well what happened. If he's doing this to merely appear innocent to the public, well, he's sicker and more delusional than we thought -- 'cause there's no way in hell that's going to work. I'm also guessing that he and this investigator are going to somehow manage to come to the conclusion that he didn't do a thing.

This reminds me of O.J. Simpson. Remember, after he was found not guilty, he vowed to "find the real killers"? It's like, save the theatrics. You already got off. Don't patronize the world. What's more insulting, though, is Sandusky is pulling this crap before a verdict has been reached. It's like he's doing it to try to get out of whatever's coming to him.

Nothing will ever change or take away what Sandusky (allegedly) did, but this whole thing would be a lot easier to deal with if he just quietly took what he got (and deserved) instead of performing all this ridiculous O.J.-like fanfare.

Hopefully, unlike O.J., though, Sandusky will be found guilty.

Did you think it's ridiculous for Jerry Sandusky to "perform his own investigation"?


Photo via Pennsylvania Attorney General

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