Ex-Fiance of Missing 'People's Court' Mom Just Made a Big Mistake

gavelThere's nothing like refusing a polygraph test to make yourself look guilty. At least that's what Orlando police thought when Dale Smith, the ex-fiance of "Missing People's Court Mom" Michelle Parker, gave a big thumbs-down to the prospect of a polygraph, and I can't say I blame them. Not surprisingly, the police named Smith an official suspect after he refused the test.

Is this Smith's way of saying he's responsible for Parker's disappearance, or what? Parker was last seen dropping the couple's twins off at Smith's house. If he was innocent, you'd think he would've jumped at the chance to take a polygraph.

The most heartbreaking thing to me was the "message" Parker's mother, Yvonne Stewart, sent to Smith during a news conference on Monday ...


If you could have avoided this Dale, if you had cooperated with the police and took a polygraph test when they asked you, you could have avoided a lot of stress. So unfortunately, you brought this on yourself. We're not going to stop until we find out who did this.

It gets worse ...

Dale, honestly, if you're out there, honey, and you're listening to me, I have always said from day one -- it's okay if couples fight. If you made a mistake, it was just a second of, "Oh, I lost my head," or whatever and you didn't know what to do ... our family needs to have Michelle home. We need to heal.

Clearly the poor woman is still holding on to some faint hope that her daughter is alive somewhere. And what about her grandchildren, Parker's twins with Smith? Police reportedly "don't know" if the children are with Smith or not. Well, if they're not with him, where are they?? Are three people missing or one?

Add to all of the above the revelation that Smith was dishonorably discharged from the Marines in 2003 after multiple court marshals resulting in convictions for drug possession and domestic battery, and the prognosis seems even more bleak.

Do you think Dale Smith refused to take a polygraph because he's guilty?


Image via Brian Turner/Flickr

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