Fallen Soldier's Dog Will Make You Believe in Miracles (VIDEO)

dog in ray of lightWhile serving in Iraq, American soldier Justin Rollins found a few abandoned puppies. He and his comrades took photos with the cute little doggies and Justin emailed the pics home to his family and the girlfriend he was planning to propose to. But before his loved ones got a chance to check their Inboxes, Justin would be dead -- he was killed by a roadside bomb the morning after finding the puppies. His family in New Hampshire was notified and everyone was predictably devastated. However, there is a tiny, silver lining to the story that will turn your day right around.

When the Army asked Mrs. Rollins what they could do for her, she asked to have one of the puppies that Justin was holding in his final photo. It would take a while, but soon enough, little Hero was on her doorstep. And when the 20/20 cameras came to shoot the story, things got even more heartwarming, if not a bit supernatural.


When the crew from ABC showed up, they caught something on tape that is the kind of thing you only read about in books and see in movies. At one point in the day, Hero burst out the door to the backyard, stood on the porch, and basked in a sunbeam. It was the kind of ray of light that looks so deliberate and purposeful that it's hard to imagine anything about it was random or unplanned. Then again, there are always skeptics.

But naysayers be darned! By all accounts, it sounds like it was a magical moment. Was Justin there? Was he shining down on Hero? Was that his light coming from heaven? Or was it just the afternoon sun setting on a New England town like it does every day regardless of births or deaths, a win or a loss?

The best part is we don't have to know the truth. When it comes to things like this, we're all free to interpret the event in any way we choose. Whether Justin was behind the light or whether it was just Hero finding some warmth, we'll never be certain. What is for sure, though, is that Hero's brought a lot of love and sunshine of his own into the Rollins family.

Watch Justin's story:

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How are you choosing to interpret the light beam?


Photo via abcnews.com

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