Dad Drowned Son in Washing Machine for Chilling Reason

Three-year-old Bastien never had a chance when his 33-year-old father Christophe Champenois pushed him into the washing machine. The toddler died from his injuries, which were allegedly inflicted because he acted out in his preschool class. But the real reason, according to his grandmother, is much more chilling.

The boy's grandmother told Le Parisen that Bastien was an "unwanted child." She reported that the day Bastien was born, his father was "drinking with his friends and told me he didn't want the child." So for three years, the father abused this child until one day he finally killed him. And it wasn't the first time he had placed the child in the washing machine, according to The Huffington Post.

There are certain stories that really get under any mom's skin and those that involve children are often the worst. This one is one of them. As the mom to a 3-year-old boy, it's hard for me to even imagine yelling at him. So how could anyone hurt a child this way?


We have a tendency to think these kinds of problems are unique to the United States, but this story proves without a doubt that they aren't. These are human problems and they're across the world.

What kind of father doesn't want a child and then treats him this way? Even more, what kind of mother knows this and leaves her child with him? There are so many questions and even 100 news stories couldn't answer them.

No matter how many news stories I read like this, I will never understand what possesses someone to hurt a child when there are so many people around the world who can't have them and want them so desperately. There are other options that don't end in such tragedy.

Maybe if people refused to carry unwanted children or they gave them up for adoption or they were able to admit the truth to themselves, then maybe there would be less of these tragedies. This beautiful boy lived a short, painful life and died an awful death. Maybe if people hadn't been so willing to accept the idea of "unwanted," he could have had a better life.

No child should be "unwanted." There are too many other options available to parents who find themselves in that situation. There is no excuse for what this "father" has done and I only hope his punishment is half as painful as what he did to his child.

Does this make you sick, too?


Image via TheSELVA/Flickr

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