Angry 'Frosty the Snowman' Needs to Do Some 'Jolly Happy' Soul-Searching

frosty the snowmanFrosty the Snowman was arrested on Saturday after a kerfuffle with the police. During Chestertown, Maryland's annual Christmas parade, Frosty got a little salty and kicked a police dog who was there for traffic control. The Sergeant was none too pleased that a snowman kicked his dog, so he escorted Frosty outside the fray ... and that's when things got ugly. Frosty allegedly took off his costume head and started hitting the cop with it. The man dressed as the winter icon could be heard above the crowd noise yelling, "You have no right to arrest me!" as he was taken to the ground and handcuffed.

Turns out Frosty wasn't made of snow, so the children now know that he came to life one day and beat the crap out of some cops during a very public and embarrassing arrest.


The cops took Frosty, aka Kevin Walsh, 52, down to the station and charged him with disorderly conduct. You know the police had to have been pretty peeved that they were clobbered with a head portion of a Frosty costume. That's gotta be a whole new low. And plus, anyone, celebrity Christmas figure or not, needs to suffer the consequences if they kick a dog.

You'd think Frosty would know better, that it'd be the Grinch who did something like this, or that weird Nutcracker dude. Just goes to show that the holidays make us do crazy things.

And lucky for us, this is probably just the beginning of holiday-inspired brouhahas. Over the next few weeks, news stories from all over the world will surface with headlines like "Santa Arrested at Airport for Carrying Wrapped Gifts Through Security" and "Baby Jesus Stolen From Nativity Scene; Later Recovered Chopped to Bits on Riverbank" and "Decorative Rudolph Shot Off Roof by Angry Neighbors" and "Inflatable Mr. and Mrs. Claus Caught 'Doing It' on Church Lawn."

They're the kinds of stories we live for this season, and I'm happy to report that Frosty has kicked off this blessed and holiest of months with an exceptional display of poor judgement and aggression. Frosty is now on probation.

Has anything funny like this happened in your town?


Photo via kevin dooly/Flickr

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