Hillary for President?

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton may not have won the Democratic nomination in 2008, but as it turns out, plenty of moms still have her in mind as a future president.

A new CafeMom poll shows that if Mrs. Clinton were running for president right now, she'd get 58 percent of moms' votes. By comparison, only 42 percent of moms would vote for Barack Obama.

And there's more.


The Baltimore Sun today ran an op-ed column comparing the CafeMom poll with a newly released Harris poll, which shows that Clinton's job approval rating among Americans is at 52 percent. The percentage is significant because she and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta are the only politicians to come out of the poll with positive ratings.

What gives with these numbers? Well, The Baltimore Sun's Susan Reimer offers this:

[I]t is a race to the bottom for the two political parties. More than half of those surveyed have a negative opinion of both Republicans in Congress (53 percent) and Democrats in Congress (54 percent).

The explanation for Mrs. Clinton's popularity, the Harris people theorize, is that secretaries of state are not involved in domestic matters and generally aren't blamed for trouble at home.

In other words, while Republicans and Democrats have come to a frustrating stalemate over the deficit and President Obama has incurred criticism for seemingly washing his hands of the mess, Hillary has been garnering positive media coverage traveling the globe and making foreign policy inroads as Secretary of State.

She has become so popular with Americans, in fact, that some are beginning to suggest that Obama step aside and let Mrs. Clinton run for President in 2012.

Don't bank on that happening, though. Hillary already has announced that she plans to step down as Secretary of State after Obama's first term, and doesn't want to serve in the Cabinet or run for elected office again.

The next title she's aiming for, she says, is that of 'Grandmother.'

No pressure, Chelsea!

However, there's still plenty of time before the November election, and as we've seen in the past, anything could happen.

Would you vote for Hillary Clinton if she were to run for president in 2012?


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