10 Reasons Occupy LA Should Be Your Vacation Destination

palm trees in laAre you a radical? Are you looking for the next great Occupy scene? Well, I've got an excellent deal for you! Occupy LA: it's the happy, sunny, Occupy destination you've been looking for this winter, and you don't want to miss out!

The City of Angels was planning to evict Occupy LA from the City Hall grounds today, but at the last minute, Mayor Villaraigosa changed his mind and is now allowing the protesters to stay a little longer. We're not sure how much longer they can stay, but one thing is for sure: radical winter birds should migrate to the west coast now. Here are 10 reasons why you need to vacation join the LA occupation today.


1. It's not being raided -- yet. Occupy LA is here to stay, indefinitely. Or at least for a couple more days. We don't really know. But hey, why don't you stop over and find out?

2. Beautiful weather year-round. Average winter temperatures in LA range from the high 60s to mid 40s degrees Fahrenheit. Winter is LA's rainy season, but this is still THE climate to occupy through the winter!

3. Truckloads of fresh, organic produce. This, according to Occupy LA Food's Twitter stream. We're talking macrobiotic black kale, people.

4. No media blackout. This revolution is being televised -- and isn't it stinky when the police ban reporters and cameras? Here are independent and MSM camera crews out early this morning, ready for anything.

5. It's the only place in LA where you don't need a car.

6. Shoes optional. Then again, that's the case at all the Occupy sites, but do you really want to go barefoot in Philly in December? Brrrr!

7. Medical marijuana. Not that pot has anything to do with the Occupy movement. But, you know, I'm just saying.

8. Beautiful, natural surroundings. Speaking of grass (heh), wouldn't you rather camp out on a lawn than on hard pavement? LA Occupiers enjoy City Hall's expansive green space -- with plenty of shade trees to climb as well!

9. Drum circle meets Ultimate Frisbee. Enough said.

10. LAPD <3 Occupy LA. It's hard to find a warmer welcome to Occupy protesters than the one provided by LA police. They're chatting up Occupy leaders, taking advice from civil rights lawyers, heck, they even delivered turkeys on Thanksgiving day.

In conclusion, consider LA as your next Occupy destination. You won't regret it! Travel restrictions may apply. Peaceful protesters only, please. Offer good through February 2012 or whenever the LAPD kicks everyone out.

Do you think Occupy LA will make it through the winter? How much longer do you think they'll be allowed to stay?


Image via Goodnight London/Flickr

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