Sandusky's Own Grandson Could Be Youngest Victim Yet

Jerry Sandusky

Two new young victims have come forward in the Jerry Sandusky scandal -- and one of them is said to be his own 5 year old grandson! Five! As much as I hate to say it, it's disturbing but not the least surprising. Whose thoughts didn't turn immediately to Jerry Sandusky's own children and grandchildren when we learned he was a family man? It was one of the first OMG thoughts to cross my mind after the scandal first broke. People with this type of perversion do not usually discriminate across bloodlines (not to mention Sandusky's six children are adopted).

That the latest victims are 5 and the other under 18 means this is the first time investigators are aware of abuse by someone who is currently a minor and not an adult, like all the other victims who've come forward. Sandusky and his lawyer are of course denying all these new charges -- and why wouldn't they, since they are denying all the previous ones, too. 


Here is what Joseph Amendola, Sandusky's lawyer, said in response to these disturbing new accusations:

Even if you buy into the attorney general's allegations against Jerry -- which we vehemently dispute and which we intend to vigorously defend against -- these new allegations don't fit the profile presented by the AG. These new allegations appear to be the result of a very nasty divorce and custody battle.

The grandchild is said to be the son of Jill Jones, ex-wife of Sandusky's son Matt, who earlier this month got a court restraining order barring Sandusky from contact with her children, two young daughters and the boy. This is likely the custody battle Amendola refers to.

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But "fit the profile," seriously? Do sickos who get sexually aroused by young boys need a profile for claims to be taken seriously? I would think the fact that any grown man whose definition of "horse play" is hanging out naked in showers with young boys is all the profile you need -- at that point the details of who, how, what, when become irrelevant.

Secondly, that the claims are coming out now makes perfect sense! If I were a member of Sandusky's family hit with this bombshell a month ago, divorce or no divorce you better believe I would be sitting my kids down for that dreaded and awkward conversation about what Grandpa or Uncle So-and-So might have done do them.

I imagine that any mother whose child had even the slightest contact with the man at either Second Mile, one of his camps, or through his family would have done so immediately, as well. This is a parent's worse nightmare and a time where family loyalty goes right out the window.

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Let's just say Amendola is right about the recent charges and the mother made the claims up for custody purposes to further distance herself from what appears to be a very messed up family. While that would be morally and legally wrong, I also can't say that I would blame her.

What do you make of the recent Sandusky claims -- do you think there's any truth to them?


Image via Pennsylvania Attorney General

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