Newest Victims Suffered Because Jerry Sandusky Wasn't Arrested Sooner

jerry sanduskyJust when you thought it couldn't get any worse: Two new cases of child abuse are being alleged against Jerry Sandusky, this time by victims who are currently under the age of 18. That's right, currently under the age of 18 -- which means that if these accusations turn out to be true, they'll be the first cases reported since Sandusky's arrest involving victims who are still children.

It also means that Sandusky most likely continued to prey on innocent children until the time of his arrest, which proves that police waited far too long to slap a pair of cuffs on the former coach. In defense of their lengthy, drawn-out investigation, prosecutors have made the point that as of November 2008, Sandusky was no longer involved in activities with kids at his charitable foundation The Second Mile.

As if such a technicality would stop a pedophile in his tracks?!


I don't understand why pedophiles are perceived differently than any other criminal offenders. Would law enforcement put off arresting an alleged murderer for two years? Just because Sandusky's access to vulnerable children was, theoretically, lessened after he stepped down from his duties at The Second Mile doesn't mean it wasn't ridiculously easy for him to find victims elsewhere.

Pedophilia isn't some bad habit that can be broken with hard work and willpower. It's an illness, and one that we as parents can't afford to underestimate. I have a cousin who worked as a forensic psychologist "rehabilitating" sex offenders, including pedophiles. After just a few years, she was so depressed and frustrated by her job that she quit. I'll never forget how disillusioned she sounded when she spoke the following words: "Sex offenders just can't be rehabilitated."

I don't know if that's true (I suspect that it is, but I can't say for sure), but I know there's no excuse for waiting years to arrest an accused pedophile.

And I'm sure the parents of these latest accusers would agree with me.

Do you think Jerry Sandusky should have been arrested sooner?

Photo via Pennsylvania Attorney General

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