Donald Trump's Presidential 'Threat' Makes GOP Look Pathetic

donald trump's new bookFreakin' Donald Trump! He refuses to fade gently into the night or at least keep to himself in his kooky reality TV world. Who could forget how he regaled us with his insane Birther talk and press conferences galore this past spring? Then, thank goodness, he flew under the radar for a little bit. But now, he refuses to let us head into the long holiday weekend in peace. He's FIRED (ha ha, get it) a warning shot into the air, having his crony assistant Michael Cohen deliver the message that, "He's prepared to finance an independent run for president if he's not satisfied with the Republican nominee." Bhahahahaha.

Well, I guess this means RNC Chairman Reince Priebus better watch his back. If the DON isn't satisfied, he and the entire GOP are goin' down!


Let's back up a moment, shall we? First of all, how incredibly egomaniacal and hilarious of Trump to say the Republican party has to satisfy him. Secondly, he's basically presenting his run as a threat to them. Like the GOP are just his loyal lackeys, and if they fail to make him happy, he's gonna show them! Haaa! OH, and right -- he's also probably trying to stir up some publicity for his new book, Time to Get Tough, which is about how he's the guy who knows how to "Make America #1 Again." Mmm hmm.

But mostly, Trump's "threat" is just a sad testament to the fact that the Republicans have got nothin' going for them less than a year out from the election. What they've got is basically a three-ring circus of candidates who are almost all totally wacky or completely unelectable in some way, shape, or form. Now, apparently, the back-up plan they're faced with? A reality show host who's been bankrupt four times. AMAZING!!

And pfft don't think it couldn't actually happen ... Cohen claims to be doing his homework in case Trump throws his hat in the ring, which would probably occur (if it does) in early June. As if the rest of the world really needed more fodder to think the U.S. is a complete and total laughingstock. This would just be the icing on that poisonous cake.

Do you think Trump will run? If he does, would you ever vote for him?


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