UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop Helps Out the OWS Movement (VIDEO)

pepper spray copWell done, Pepper Spray Cop! Your brazen use of pepper spray on seated college kids has ushered in a new wave of (okay, still ambivalent) support for Occupy protesters throughout the nation. Just as the OWS movement was losing support, along you came, like a knight in shining black nylon armor, and with a deft swoosh of orange, you sprayed the protesters back into the spotlight!

And now look: the protesters are occupying the UC Davis campus yet again -- with their tents! And we're all busy Photoshopping our own Pepper Spray Cop meme pictures and generally turning you into an object of mockery. Who knew spraying a bunch of students with what Fox News' Megyn Kelly calls just a "food additive" could be such a bad career move? Unless ... you can get other Occupy protesters around the country to hire you to spray them, too! OWS: Job Creator!


If you'd just handcuffed the kids and gently escorted them off campus, no one would have cared. It would have been just another week of, "Hey, did you hear about those Occupy arrests?" "Where?" "Oh, I don't know, like Berkeley or Seattle or somewhere." "Whatever, man, those kids are annoying."

But instead, you shocked us into sympathizing with the protesters. I swear I heard a collective THUD of people's jaws dropping last week when that video hit the web. What a dick move! I wouldn't even do that to the guy who lets his dog poop on my lawn every morning. And then came the calls for UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi's resignation, and more yelling, and now those kids are hanging out on the lawn and no one dares lay a finger on them. YOU DID THAT. With your pepper spray! You helped the occupiers re-occupy!

Dude, I mean, Lt. John Pike (sorry, it's kind of hard to take you seriously now), I know it wasn't just you. You're just a symbol. And it's appropriate that Police Chief Annette Spicuzza is on leave now. But cops all over the country need to start paying attention here. All joking aside, Americans are really creeped out by police brutality. We can haz peaceful arrests, now?

Do you think police brutality helps out the case of Occupy protesters?


Image via YouTube

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