Affair Gone Wrong Leads Woman to Do the Unthinkable

Mary Ann Holder doesn't have that unusual of a story. She was a 36-year-old North Carolina mom having an affair with a married man. The affair went bad -- as they often do -- and then comes the weird part.

Holder went on a shooting rampage Sunday that started when she shot her lover in the chest. He lived. But she didn't stop there. Holder killed herself, her 17-year-old son, and her 8-year-old niece. Her 14-year-old son, 17-year-old nephew, and son's 15-year-old girlfriend are all in critical condition. Her niece and nephew were the children of her deceased sister, both of whom she cared for. 

What on Earth would lead a woman to shoot her 8-year-old niece over a love affair?


In her note, Holder said she had been wronged in some way, though there was no specific cause. Cops say Holder first shot her former lover, Randal Lamb. Their affair was rife with drama, including restraining orders Holder took out against Lamb and his wife, nude text messages from Holder to his wife, and an "alienation of affection" lawsuit Lamb's wife was going to file. Shooting him would have made sense given her state of mind. But everyone else? It makes no sense at all.

It's so wrong, so senseless, and so utterly tragic. Why did all those children have to die because of her affair and her mistakes?

There is no reasonable explanation for a person who does something like this. She was clearly totally unhinged. But the person she may have had reason to kill -- her lover -- is still alive while tiny children and young teens are dead. How does that make sense? What did they do in this scenario?

There is nothing that would help this make sense. But the idea that all of this stemmed from some bizarre love obsession makes it all the worse. Cheating on a spouse is almost always a bad idea and can lead to awful, painful things. But no one would ever imagine it could lead to something like this.

And the worst part is that, since Holder is dead, there won't even be any justice.

Do you think this story is insane?


Image via Cast a Line/Flickr

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