Newt Gingrich Is Too Desperate to Be Elected President

Newt GingrichI can't remember a year that I was ever so happy to see coming to a close. This has been the year of the overexposed buffoon politician. And with Newt Gingrich coming to the forefront of the Republican candidate pack on the back of some of the most incendiary comments out of the GOP yet, we've officially reached critical mass.

This week Gingrich -- who is just one gray chin hair in front of Mitt Romney in the polls -- decided to throw a fireball into the labor debate by declaring child labor laws cripple our kids. His fix?


Fire all the janitors in our nation's schools and put the kids to work! They can get paid to clean their schools, and help support their families! Of course Gingrich doesn't say what, exactly, all those fired school staffers should be doing to feed their own families. Because, well, that would just make too much gosh darned sense. He wants attention, darnit, and he's going to get it!

As Gingrich said last week on the campaign trail:

I was dead in June and July. As a candidate -- not as a person -- as a candidate. And now I'm apparently not dead.

Not dead. But not electable either. That seems to be the impetus behind everything Gingrich is doing these days: get attention, at any cost. But the price for over-the-top antics is common sense.

Just this past weekend Gingrich said the protesters from Operation Wall Street should "go get a job after you take a bath." Really, we should thank him. The 13.9 million people on unemployment were wondering what would finally make their resume climb to the top of that manager's inbox. Now they know it's a bottle of Pert and a scrub brush. Snort.

It would behoove Gingrich to remember most people want to vote for a president who is smarter than they are. A candidate who can't jump through a few logical hoops is not going to get anywhere. It's one thing to make some bold moves to turn the national conversation your way, but this is one case where "no press is bad press" does not apply. The more he opens that mouth, the more foot he seems to fit in there.

Will you vote for Newt Gingrich if he keeps up this buffoonery?


Image via Markn3tel/Flickr

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