Amanda Knox Should Definitely Take Self-Defense Classes

amanda knoxAccording to some British tabloids and some self-explanatory photos, Amanda Knox is now taking self-defense classes at a Seattle gym. She's allegedly taken up Krav Maga, a type of European self-defense ideology that teaches how to be extremely efficient in counter-attacks. It focuses on real-life situations and helps its students neutralize each offensive threat they encounter with speed and effectiveness. Intense stuff. According to reports, Knox is taking the class because she feels threatened by some of the hate mail she's received.

The 24-year-old has been seen taking the class with her younger sister, and I say more power to her.


Whatever Amanda's motivations may be for learning pragmatic street fighting skills, she's free to do what she wants. Maybe she's learning to kick butt to get into shape, maybe she's doing it as a bonding thing with her sister, maybe she had a great Groupon deal for the class, whatever the case may be, Boxy Knoxy is soon going to be able to target the body's most vulnerable spots while maintaining a keen awareness of her surroundings.

But if I were Amanda, you're darn right I'd take the class because I feel threatened. Her life out of jail has not been all sunshine and sleepy puppies -- she's had rough go of it. From her ill-conceived Halloween costume to her questionable choices in men, Amanda has felt some bumps along her road to normalcy. There's no doubt a contingency of crazies out there only exacerbates the problem, sending her hate mail and the ilk, and I think if Amanda feels at all like taking a self-defense class, then by all means, she should definitely take them, no matter what her cause.

This class she's taking coupled with the fact that she's thinking about returning to college shows that Amanda's starting to turn that bumpy road into smooth sailing. Working on one's body and one's mind is a great way to feel productive and to alleviate stress. Between academic classes and self-defense classes, sounds like Knox is starting to make some great decisions.

What do you think about Amanda taking self-defense classes?


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