Nude Israeli Blogger Gets Lots of Naked Love

Egypt flagLast week when 20-year-old Egyptian blogger Aliaa Elmahdy posted eight nude photos of herself in a protest against Islamism, unsurprisingly, it didn't go over well with most. There were some who admired her unabashed bravery and her message that aimed to "scream against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment, and hypocrisy," as she wrote on Facebook. But the majority of people were against what she did -- and were vehemently against Elmahdy. Apparently, she received a quarter of a million abusive comments and death threats.

So, a group of 40-some-odd Israeli women, who stood by Elmahdy and her message, decided to follow suit in her honor. They posed for a nude group shot in her support.


The shoot took place on Saturday and was organized by Or Tepler, 28, who decided to open a Facebook event inviting women "to show support in a non-violent and legitimate way for a woman who is just like us – young, ambitious, full of dreams, and evidently has a developed sense of humor." In the photo, the women are all nude, but unlike Elmahdy, their lady parts are covered up, be it by a giant sign that reads "Love Without Limits" or by their hands. As a blogger -- and a woman -- I must say, I fully support their support.

To put it bluntly, when you write and post things on the Internet, people don't like you. Well, some people. I, personally, have never gotten death threats from anything I've ever written per se (I've also never done anything as brazen as Elmahdy), but I've gotten plenty of nasty comments and emails. And although one may say "bloggers bring it on themselves," it still stings. 

I'm sure after the initial high of posting photos as an act of rebellion wore off, and the death threats started rolling in, Elmahdy felt lonely. And probably a little scared. The fact that a group of women were willing to put themselves out there, just as she did, to show that they're right there with her is pretty amazing. And it shows that she's not alone in her views.

I'm sure these Israeli women will be met with their fair share of criticism and hate mail, but maybe then another group of women will show support for them as they did for Elmahdy. After all, there is power in numbers.

Do you think a nearly nude group shot helped support Aliaa Elmahdy?


Image via mayanais/Flickr

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