Chimp Attack Victim Reminds Us to Be Thankful

charla nash

Here's something that will put the rest of our everyday troubles and concerns into perspective this Thanksgiving. Remember Charla Nash, the woman who famously had essentially her entire face (nose, lips, and eyelids) as well as her hands ripped off when her neighbor's pet chimp went berserk and who was blinded in the incident as well? You know what she's grateful for? Things we all take totally for granted.

Nash, who was undeniably beautiful before the chimp destroyed her face (though apparently not her spirit), told the Today show Monday that she's immensely pleased that the face transplant that was performed on her about six months ago at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston is healing well.


She's also grateful for a few other things: Thanks to the transplant, she can now chew food. She can also smell the world around her, including her nurses' "pretty" perfumes.

Nash says that, as she's felt able to venture out more, she's been getting compliments on her appearance -- and she's no longer frightening children.

Recently, a little girl said "hi" to her. "It was nice," Nash said. "I'm not scaring anybody."

And if that doesn't make you realize how lucky you are to have the most basic things in life -- a face, hands, a sense of smell, vision, the ability to chew your food and to walk down the street without frightening kids -- I don't know what will.

So as we all sit down to our Thanksgiving meals this week and focus on all that we are grateful for, we might all want to keep Charla Nash in mind. No matter what's going on in our lives -- money troubles, family issues, job concerns, or anything else -- we all have so many reasons to give thanks: We can smell the flowers, taste our food, and the vision of our loved ones (children, especially) gathered around our tables.

Are you having a hard time feeling grateful this Thanksgiving?


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