5 Things We Should Thank the TSA for This Thanksgiving

tsaI bet I know what you're thinking right now: Thank the TSA?? Has this blogger gone mad? It's not exactly customary to thank an organization that goes to such great lengths to make travel about as much fun as getting a root canal safe for all.

Agreed. But the good ole' Transportation Security Administration isn't all bad. Really! And even if your travel experience last holiday season was enough to make you never want to cross state lines again, this year you might just board that flight feeling truly thankful.

Here are 5 Things We Should Thank the TSA for This Thanksgiving ...

  1. You'll think Santa came early when you hear this latest announcement from the TSA: Children under the age of 12 will no longer be required to remove their shoes before going through security! Yay!!! This might not sound like much to those who don't have kids, but as any parent can tell you, stopping to guide a (probably very cranky) 3-year-old through the shoes on/shoes off process in the middle of a crowded airport while you're trying to remember which gray plastic bin you put your cell phone in is a big, huge bummer.
  2. The TSA also announced that the number of pat-downs for young children will be "greatly reduced." Woo-hoo! Pat-downs for kids won't be eliminated altogether, however. (Apparently the shifty-eyed, shady tots will get the pat-downs? Tell your little one to play it cool, man.)
  3. Not many people know this, but snow globes of all sizes are on the "prohibited items" list. "Oh, Aunt Ruth, this snow globe is such a lovely early Christmas gift! What a shame we can't bring it home on the airplane. We'll just have to admire it here the next time we visit.
  4. A built-in answer to the following request: "Oh, can you bring some of your fabulous homemade gravy/cranberry sauce/butternut squash soup?" (You can't! They're all considered "liquid" and are subject to the 3.4 oz limit. Less cooking for you!)
  5. You know that hideous silver turkey brooch with the bedazzled feathers your Grandma is expecting to see on your sweater when you get off the plane? Unfortunately, a piece of jewelry that heavy is sure to set off the metal detector. (You can always snap a picture of yourself wearing the dang thing and frame it as a gift.)

Will you be flying over Thanksgiving? How do you feel about it?


Image via Mobile Edge Laptop Cases/Flickr

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