Casey Anthony Assassination Rumor Should Be Taken Seriously

casey anthonyIt's totally bogus, but still scary -- the National Enquirer has published a story that Casey Anthony just survived an assassination attempt -- in what appears to be a totally made-up, false, untrue story. The tabloid reported that someone found Casey's secret hideout and left a note saying, "I know where you are, I'm coming to put a bullet into your brain." Creepy! But Casey's lawyer, Jose Baez, says about the story, "None of it is true." No one has been able to confirm the assassination rumor.

Still, Casey should still be taking those assassination rumors seriously. This specific attempt may be bogus, but the danger to her life is real


Ever since Casey Anthony was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, three years ago, she has been one of the most hated women in America. Things just grew worse after she was acquitted of her daughter's murder this summer. There have been so many death threats against her, she has gone into hiding! All we know about Casey's whereabouts is that she lives somewhere in Florida, serving out a probation related to a check fraud conviction.

Casey is looking at a long, harrowing life of constant danger. She will probably never feel safe, and she may always need to live under the protection of bodyguards. Can you imagine what that must be like -- to be the target of so much hatred? As long as there are so many people out there who believe Casey got away with murder, she will have to remain on alert. What a stressful life.

We may never know the truth about Casey. The jury may have found her not guilty, but too many people remain unconvinced and apparently a few are intent on taking justice into their own hands. It will be a long time before Casey can relax about threats to her life, if ever. Conviction or no conviction, Casey Anthony is not a free woman.

Do you think Casey Anthony will face death threats for the rest of her life?


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