Teen in Batman Costume Busts Pedophile at Playground (VIDEO)

vigilante teensWhat do you get when you cross a superhero, a teenager, and a pedophile at a playground? One heck of a news story, that's what. So. There's a group of vigilante teenagers in Canada who've taken the law into their own hands. Possibly inspired by the hit show To Catch a Predator, three boys baited the Internet with fake profiles of underage girls and waited for the fish to come to them. They didn't have to wait too long; pedophiles started chatting with the "young girls" and arranged to meet. But when one got to the agreed upon spot, the old creep was in for a surprise.

Instead of a 15-year-old girl in a tank top waiting for him, it was a teen boy dressed as Batman yelling things like, "This guy is a pedophile."


Armed with a video camera and Batman's suit of armor, the boys film themselves busting the man who was allegedly there to have sex with a 15-year-old. I have to admire these superhero teens not only for their spunk, but for the one's Christian Bale Batman voice. It's dead on. Anyway, what these boys did was wrong -- you can't really take the law into your own hands like that -- but I'm still a little impressed.

The kids had good intentions. And in the world we live in now, with this whole Sandusky nightmare, I bet teens are getting pretty pissed off and feel like they want to make a positive difference. They could've used their superhero powers for evil, but they chose to use them for good. Trying to protect young girls from becoming possible victims is noble. Of course they were probably also motivated by a tiny bit of fame too, but hey, no one's perfect.

Their actions bring up an interesting point, though. Is it really that easy to find supposed pedophiles online? God that's a terrifying thought. But if it is, and if these kids were able to find a few in their spare time, what would happen if we paid people to troll seedy chat rooms and try to find these creepos? Let's hire state employees and give them $10 an hour to see what they can't dig up. That way there's no vigilantism and pedophiles are still uncovered.

I'm sure that a plan like this is not easy, but how great would it be if it could be carried out. Every employee would be fitted with their own superhero costume of choice and would surf the web all day fighting pedophile crime. Holy catching creeps, Batman.

Watch the sting go down:


Do you think these kids were right or wrong to confront alleged pedophiles?


Photo via ebaumsworld.com

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