Obsessed Woman Lines Up 9 Days Early for Black Friday (VIDEO)

christina ortaWho needs Thanksgiving when we have Black Friday, right? Every year, our impatient nation skips over the upcoming holiday for the one directly after that. (Black Friday is a national holiday, isn't it?) Right now, if you turn on your computer (clearly you have), flip on the TV, or simply set foot out of your house, you will be bombarded with images, words, and messages reminding you that next week, the most important day isn't Thursday, the day to give thanks, it's Friday, the day to buy. Black Friday.

And all the marketing and hype? It doesn't just work, it turns perfect sane members of society into lunatics. I have friends who have every intention of getting up, willingly, at 3:00 a.m. for door-busting deals, and I've seen otherwise normal-looking people on the subway manically eyeballing Target catalogs, foaming at the mouth.

But every year, there's one who manages to out-crazy the rest. This year, it's the woman who lined up nine days in advance for Black Friday.


Christina Orta of Tampa, Florida, as well as three other families, pitched tents in front of their local Best Buy on Wednesday in order to be the first in line on Black Friday. Yep, Orta, who appears to be a normal, sane woman, is going to miss Thanksgiving, so she can save beau-coup bucks on useless holiday gifts that will most likely be considered archaic next Christmas. She told an NBC affiliate, "You can't beat some of the deals they have on plasmas, flat screens, and laptops. You get to buy it in large quantities. We're all students; you've got to pinch a penny; it's affordable right now." If that isn't a fine example of advertising getting the job done, I don't know what is.

Here's my thing, though: Nine days? Really? You're actually lining up nine days early ...? Why? I can't imagine there will be anyone queuing up until at least three days from Friday. Even if you got there after Thanksgiving dinner, you'd still be able to get good deals. This nine-day business not only seems totally unnecessary, it's taking Black Friday insanity to a whole new, unsettling level.

I'm guessing Orta isn't just looking for killer deals on iPods and what-have-you, she's looking to get her 15 minutes, if you will. She wants to be on the news, in the papers -- and guess what? Success! There you are, Christina, yapping it up with NBC like a GOP candidate, and here I am, writing all about you and your nutty antics. You win this time. But next year, I refuse to give you the satisfaction. Unless, of course, you up the ante to 10 days.

Do you take part in Black Friday? Do you think this is a little much?

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