Jerry Sandusky Interview Revealed More Secrets & Lies

A good criminal lawyer will usually tell his client not to talk about the serious allegations against him in public. Apparently Joseph Amendola, lawyer for Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State football coach accused of raping and molesting boys for years, had no such advice. And Sandusky's interview with NBC's Bob Costas last Monday night was like a nail in Sandusky's coffin.

Hearing about all the heinous things Sandusky supposedly did to children made our skin crawl, but to hear his denials just made everyone -- including his victims -- even sicker. A number of new alleged victims have come forward since last Monday's interview. Many have not decided whether they will go to police, said attorney Andy Shubin, but many of the cases date back to the 1970's.

He may be even sicker and more twisted than we thought and his crimes may be even more extensive and horrific than we thought. Was the interview just some sadistic ploy for him?


It seems like it was. It seems like it was his way of denying his victims their justice and their rights even more. By denying the horrible things he did, he denied their pain. Just once, they would probably like to hear him apologize and admit it.

They won't get that kind of justice, though. The plan backfired big time on Sandusky. All his denials did nothing but make his victims even angrier. The ones who talked to Shubin told him they were furious Tuesday morning after the interview.

Shubin told Fox News:

I spent about half the day (Tuesday) in kitchens and living rooms, speaking with victims of Sandusky's molestation and processing with them the effects of Jerry Sandusky being on television and Jerry Sandusky denying wrongdoing. And what I found was that these folks are being re-traumatized.

Sandusky is going to get his comeuppance now. The more he goes on TV and arrogantly flaunts his "innocence," the more victims will feel compelled to come forward and remember what he did to them.

So, go ahead Sandusky. Keep up your sadistic denials and keep on granting interviews and proclaiming your innocence. You are only digging your own grave.

Do you think his interview was a mistake?



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