Terrifying and Deadly Tornado Rips Through Southeast

rock hill sc tornado
Not actual photo of Rock Hill tornado
Terrible news out of the Southeast today -- a deadly tornado ripped through North and South Carolina and so far, six people have reportedly been killed. The twister tore through homes and destroyed everything in its path. The AP report says eyewitnesses in Rock Hill, SC felt like they were living something right out of the Wizard of Oz. The National Weather Service says that extreme weather in that part of the country isn't necessarily unusual, the fluctuating temperatures cause a lot of instability, but nevertheless the storm was patently frightening.


Trees are down across the area and many are without power. With exactly a week until Thanksgiving, I'm sure residents in the North Central part of South Carolina and South Central part of North Carolina are worried about travel plans and of course, the safety of their family, friends and neighbors.

The personal account of the storm sound terrifying -- the little warning residents had didn't give them too much time to find a safe spot. But as the small towns recover from the devastating tornado today, I'm sure some people will be extra thankful come next week.

Even if their kitchen tables are broken and their stoves not working and their roof leaking, anyone who's survived a twister knows that the most important thing is that they made it through alive. And if Thanksgiving dinner has to be spread out on the floor in the living room, or if it's served out of local church basement, there's still so much to be grateful for. But obviously no one wishes that they get such a violent, aggressive, and sudden reminder in the shape of a funnel cloud about what's most dear in life.

Meteorologists report that tornadoes also touched down in Alabama and Louisiana but so far the death toll is still at six. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire area.

Have you experienced a tornado?


Photo via Donald Lee Pardue/Flickr

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