Sexual Harassment at Work Is Still Surprisingly High

Have you heard the good news? The amount of workplace sexual harassment women have had to endure has decreased! Only 1 in 4 U.S. women reported, in a recent study, that they had to deal with workplace harassment last year. Only. WHAT? That's an improvement?

Well, it used to be 1 in 3! It's not really that surprising, I guess. Have you ever sat through corporate sensitivity training? Horrific! Or attended a mandatory class on good behavior in the workplace? Ick! Those were some of the most downright uncomfortable moments I've had to endure while sitting next to a co-worker.


Every "training" session I've ever attended (and there were many!) was riddled with gross jokes flying or whispers going around about who caused the need for the training in the first place. And, to top it off, each "training" session would result in a week of unsavory commentary, if not actual harassment, afterward.

But these corporate office jobs, where they tend to sit us down and teach us right from wrong, are still way better than what happened to me while I was studying at a culinary school. There, the sexual harassment "training" consisted of, essentially, this:

If you go to work in a professional kitchen, it is all one big penis joke. You are going to get harassed and picked on. Get a thick skin or go make cupcakes. Do your job well and they will leave you alone.

Get a thick skin or go make cupcakes! I kid you not. And this "training" was given to men and women equally.

Sadly, my culinary school advice has been way more helpful than my corporate sensitivity training, largely because it really trained me for what I would face. Fair or not.

We clearly still have a very long way to go. I wonder if we'll ever be in a place where only 1 in 100 women feel they have been sexually harassed at work, instead of where we are now?

Have you had to deal with sexual harassment at your job?


Image via ChrisL_AK/Flickr

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