Uptight Town Suspends Teacher for Showing 'The Daily Show'

jon stewart talking about herman cainI was just reminded in a big way why I usually tell people I'm from "Chicago" or "the Chicago area" as opposed to "Illinois." See, Illinois is a BIG state, and the farther you get away from Chicago, the less, well, progressive things get. Not that there's (always) something wrong with that, but what just went down in Eureka, Illinois (30 miles outside of Bloomington) was definitely out to lunch. Recently, a first-year government teacher there showed his class some clips from The Daily Show. Next thing he knows, he's being suspended, cuz the town simply won't stand for any of that controversial Jon Stewart business!

Whoa! I totally did not realize that Eureka, Illinois was actually the town from Footloose!!!


No, banning The Daily Show isn't exactly on par with banning dancing, but it might as well be!

The mayor of Eureka recently explained his point of view to the press:

The language and the sexual overtones that were included in the show that were being shown to sophomores in high school. Many of the children don’t even have TVs in their houses because of religious beliefs.

Oh, dear. So what's going to happen when these kids go to college? All hell's gonna break loose! Degenerate TV viewing up the wazoo! South Park, Family Guy, and Colbert, to boot! The repercussions of this kind of real world repression aside ... how backasswards is this town? They clearly have a.) no sense of humor or b.) awareness of how central The Daily Show is to modern political debate -- seriously!

The clips the teacher showed had to do with Herman Cain's sexual harassment allegations and health insurance discounts for exercising -- two very newsworthy topics we all know Jon Stewart isn't the only one buzzing about.

But to Stewart's credit, he is someone who has completely revolutionized how we hear about and discuss the news of the day -- with a funny twist. That's something anyone from a 15-year-old journalism student to a middle-aged small town mayor should be aware of, if not enjoy. This town's push to keep their teens and their town in the dark ages -- and punish anyone who dare show them the light -- is actually laughable. They're sure as hell not doing anyone there any favors -- except maybe inspiring the premise of the next teen rebellion flick.

Do you think this town needs to get some perspective?


Image via TheDailyShow.com

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