Latest Sandusky News Shows His Family Life Was Disturbing, Too

jerry sanduskyThe horrors of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case just seem to multiply as time passes. The latest twist in the story was revealed last night on ABC News -- the birth mother of one of Sandusky's adopted sons spoke out about how she believes Sandusky led her son down a path of self-destruction. Debra Long, whose biological son Matt is now 33, says that when Matt was under Sandusky's care, he acted out in school, burned down a barn, and even attempted suicide. Matt claims he was never molested by the alleged child rapist, but it's pretty clear from Long's statements that he was certainly troubled under Sandusky's care. By what, exactly, is yet to be discovered.


Long says that she filed a complaint with the court and asked for her son's home to be reviewed -- she knew something wasn't right and naturally sought help from the law. Apparently, the probation department had some "serious concerns" about Matt's progress and safety in the Sandusky home, but nothing seemed to be done about it.

The more I read about this case, the more I hear about reports being filed years ago that would make even the biggest Nittany Lion booster suspicious of Sandusky, yet it seems that no one really followed up. Why wasn't anyone connecting the dots?

Between Long's filing and the 1998 report from Victim #6, where were the criminal charges? Where was the child welfare agency? It's not the first time that these questions have been asked during this disturbing case, but it doesn't make them any less pertinent. I kind of expect for a whole cabinet of ignored criminal complaints against Sandusky to be discovered half-burned in a ditch somewhere behind the D.A.'s office.

It just seems like every day there's new evidence against not only the ex-Coach, but against the justice system that turned a blind eye back then. I guess the most important thing is that those eyes are now wide open.

Does any news to come out of the Penn State scandal surprise you?


Photo via Pennsylvania Attorney General

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