White House Shooting Is a Good Thing for the Obamas

white houseWe are still just learning about Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, the man responsible for the White House shooting Friday. What on earth was he thinking?!? I'm sure we'll learn what his motives were soon enough, but I have a more pressing question: How safe is the White House?

If you've ever visited our nation's capital, you've probably seen how the White House is just out there, on the street, in the open. It's not like there's a big, stone fortress surrounding the house. When I first saw it, I was a little shocked -- it looked so vulnerable! But there is one big reason why I think the White House is about to get a lot safer: incidents like the recent shooting put the Secret Service on notice and forced them to step up their game.


Yesterday CBS News interviewed a former Secret Service agent named Dan Bongino, who worked for President Obama and President George W. Bush. Dan says security will get tighter now. Not only that, the Secret Service will comb through all the details to find out where their vulnerabilities lie.

They do an exhaustive review of their security procedures every time something like this happens. Nothing ever works perfectly. They will undress this completely and then they will find out when they rebuild the incident exactly what they could have done better.

Security around the White House will improve because the Secret Service will be actively working to learn from this incident. Of course, the phrase "every time something like this happens" is not very comforting. The White House is constantly under threat and it's a wonder there aren't more incidents. We don't even hear about the dangerous plots the Secret Service agents do stop.

I don't know that the White House is safer in the long term. People are creative and persistent. They've tried all kinds of crazy things, from landing a stolen helicopter on the lawn to drive-by shootings. But for the next several months, the Secret Service is going to be just a little bit sharper. They have to prove that they weren't sleeping on the job. And with Sasha and Malia running around, they had better get sharper quick. The First Family can't stay behind those bullet-proof windows every single day.

Do you think security at the White House will get better after this shooting?


Image via schindler_project/Flickr

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