Woman Who Gets Shot in Head and Drives Herself to Hospital Is Our Hero

tail lightsWomen, a new bar for female bad-ass toughness has been set. Wonder Woman, take a seat. Sarah Connor from The Terminator, stand back. Bear-punching woman, look out. Today's Amazon Warrior Award goes to the woman who got shot in the head and then drove herself to the hospital.

It happened Monday just outside Vancouver, Washington. A woman with a gunshot wound to the head pulled up to the Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. She said she was asleep when her boyfriend shot her in the head with a .22-caliber revolver. Rather than bleed to death on her pillow, as I probably would have done, she got back up, drove 17 miles, and lived to see another day.


Not only is this woman made of iron, she's also quick-thinking -- especially for someone with a massive head injury. I mean, I can't say that driving while shot in the head is the most logical thing in the world to do, but getting out of that house was probably her best option. Lord knows the same man who shot her was probably not going to call the paramedics for her. And who would want to stick around with such a man while waiting for an ambulance, anyway?

The woman is still in serious condition (now at a Portland hospital) and her name has not been released. But I'll tell you one thing -- I would not want to be that boyfriend once she gets out of the hospital.

Maybe that's why the boyfriend, Michael T. Boswell, put up a three-hour standoff with police before they arrested him. Better to risk getting shot by police than allow the wrath of She Who Was Shot and Lived descend upon him. Hell hath no fury like a woman with a bullet in her skull. Dude, it is so over for you. And I should probably be referring to Michael as her ex-boyfriend.

Okay, a little caveat here. We don't know exactly what happened, yet. Maybe it wasn't her boyfriend who shot her. But I do know one thing from this story. When Prince Charming turns out to be a villain, you have to rescue yourself.

Are you amazed that this woman was able to drive after getting shot in the head?


Image via iwoaf/Flickr

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