Pepper-Spraying Pregnant & Elderly Occupy Demonstrators Is Just Plain Wrong (VIDEO)

police pepper spraying crowd seattleAlthough the scene was not pretty whatsoever when Occupy Wall Street here in NYC got shut down very early yesterday a.m., it seems things have taken a really grim turn for the worse out in Seattle. An 84-year-old woman named Dorli Rainey, a priest, and a pregnant woman are all in the hospital today, because the Seattle Police Department used force to deal with them at the Occupy site, dousing them all in pepper spray.

Of course there are two sides of the story here. The cops claim the Occupy protesters were "rowdy," and the Seattle movement organizers say they were peaceful. Given how hard authorities have been coming down on protesters for simply gathering in public areas of major cities, it seems like "rowdy" is just their way of describing protesters who wanted to exercise one of their most basic democratic rights.


They're also defending what they did, as Seattle police spokesperson Jeff Kappel said that pepper spray "is not age specific. No more dangerous to someone who is 10 or someone who is 80." And apparently, if pepper spray were "that harmful," they wouldn't be using it. So never mind that a pregnant woman and elderly woman are in the hospital today because they were attacked with the chemical irritant.

While the Seattle PD can attempt to explain this away, the fact remains that the pictures of Rainey have made their way all across the world. Sounds to me a lot like the '60s when people were inundated with photos and videos of what was going down in Vietnam. Those images will not be taken lightly, nor should they be.

The authorities in major cities may continue to shut down Occupy sites and pepper-spray demonstrators, but it seems to me this is only just the start of a revolution. Given how unapologetic the Seattle and NY PDs have been about recent events, it definitely isn't promising that things will steer in the opposite direction. And the more they resort to force, the angrier demonstrators are going to get ... it's truly sad that change has to come at the cost of violence.

Here's some footage of what happened in Seattle ...

Do you think the Seattle PD should be remorseful about pepper-spraying Rainey and the pregnant woman?


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