Couple Wants AirTran to Pay Up for Making Them Fly With Cockroaches

cockroachJust in time for the busy holiday travel season, cockroaches are now interested in non-stop domestic flights. The little assholes were caught climbing out of the overhead bins and air vents during a flight from Charlotte to Houston, and a couple who witnessed the horror is suing AirTran for the emotional distress they suffered during the 2-hour, 45-minute flight. They were essentially flying in a tin coffin full of roaches, if you like hyperbole, and deserve every penny of the $100,000 they're asking for. It sounds like they experienced my living nightmare.


The couple says they told the flight attendants, but they didn't do squat. Without Samuel L. Jackson around to get the mother f**king roaches off the mother f**king plane, the North Carolina couple just had to sit and wait to touch the ground in Texas while the gross prehistoric bugs ventured in and out of their personal space.

I think this couple has a case. It will likely be settled out of court; AirTran will throw them some cash and some free tickets just to keep this thing under wraps, and well they should. It was wise of the victims to aim sort of low on the money scale -- had they asked for $2 million, they would've seemed greedy and out of touch. I mean cockroaches are vile, but they're not, like, bombs or anything.

As long as those roaches went through the TSA screening process, I think everyone's safe. Happy, content, and relaxed? No. Safe? Yes. Because the day a roach walks on a plane with an explosive attached to its back is the day I eat all the ice cream, all the Hot Pockets, and all the frozen dumplings in my freezer and wait for the rapture.

What's the grossest thing you've seen on a plane?


Photo via kodomut/Flickr

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