Mom of Missing Toddler Shouldn't Be Convicted for Being a Gold Digger

gold diggers signThe story behind the disappearance of 2-year-old Sky Metawala in Washington state continues to get stranger by the day. The latest: The mother, Julia Biryukova, may have signed up to find a sugar daddy on the sketch-tastic dating site, Police got in touch with the website's founder recently to investigate a profile that looks like it was either created by Biryukova or someone posing as her. Given the facts so far, I'm leaning more toward it being the former.

The proof: The page was created on July 25, and the person, who identified herself as "JB," says she is "looking for financial stability and assistance. I am looking for a successful mentor. I am looking for a REAL man. YOU tell me YOUR 'ideal' arrangement!" She marked that she was expecting to "make" anywhere from $3-$5K a month. Sure, this is bound to give most people a case of the willies. Gold diggers and sugar daddies and websites devoted to them finding one another are creepy.


But what exactly does Biryukova being an aspiring "sugar baby" have to do with her missing toddler? Nothing, as far as I can tell.

What she was doing was perfectly legal. I'm not sure what the police think they're going to be able to infer from her possible membership with That she was looking for someone to "take care" of her and her kids? Okay. Yeah, it's icky, it doesn't make her any more likable as a person, but it's not incriminating. Not at all.

The worst and strangest of Biryukova's actions so far is that she's refused a police interview or a polygraph test. That obviously doesn't speak to her innocence. Hey, who knows ... maybe this gold digger thing will crop up again and have greater significance down the road, but for the time being, it seems like a big waste of time.

Do you think Biryukova's possible search for a sugar daddy has anything to do with her missing toddler?


Image via Cameron Russell/Flickr

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