Sandusky's Second Victim Surfaces Only to Be Bullied by Lawyers

Jerry Sandusky's attorney said the victim was not assaultedThe attorney for former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky is making the rounds on the news talk show circuit trying to convince us that the young man believed to be involved in the alleged rape in the shower incident is saying it didn't happen.

Monday night on Rock Center, Joe Amendola told Bob Costas that not only does he think they have identified the alleged victim who Mike McQueary saw being raped by Sandusky in the shower, but that he "has information that that child [now grown up] says it never happened." On the Today show Tuesday morning, he reiterated this saying that the young man is telling a "very different story" from the one that McQueary is alleging.

Anyone else getting really sick of Sandusky's lawyer trying to bully and intimidate the abuse victim?


It's pretty clear what Amendola's strategy is by going on all the news shows: No doubt he's hoping that several, if not all, of the eight victims listed in the grand jury presentment will come forward and say the sexual abuse never occurred. And his vicious attempts to discredit them on TV -- even going as far as to suggest that some of the victims are in it just for the money -- could actually play a role in making that happen.

Think about it: For people not in the national spotlight, it's really difficult to come forward and admit that they are victims of sexual abuse. I bet a lot of us would deny it -- especially with a camera pointed in our face. The young victims in the Sandusky situation (now around the ages of 18-24) have the additional trauma and horror of being involved in a very public scandal. Now, the accuser's lawyer is making the media rounds and, in effect, speaking for them and saying they're denying the allegations. It's going to take even more strength and courage for them to come forward and tell their horrible story.

Obviously, Amendola has no choice but to defend his client and try to create doubt in the midst of some very serious and convincing allegations. I just wish he would keep the bullying in the courtroom -- instead of on live TV.

Do you find Amendola believable?

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