Burglar Who Decorated Family's House for Christmas Shouldn't Be Charged

house decorated for christmasYou'd have to be crazy to want a burglar to visit your house -- unless, of course, that burglar is a certain Terry Trent from Vandalia, Ohio. According to reports, Trent allegedly broke into a family's home, decorated the house with Christmas decorations, then plopped down on the couch to watch some TV -- which I totally understand because, hey, putting up Christmas decorations can be exhausting! In fact, it's one of my most dreaded holiday chores, so I'm absolutely serious when I say: Can this guy come to my house before the holidays?


An 11-year-old child who lived in the house found the stranger on the couch and called 911. Trent is now being charged with burglary and held in a county lockup -- which, if you ask me, is the exact opposite of the Christmas spirit. Those cops sound like real Scrooges!

Apparently, Trent has a history of drug charges and allegedly was high on bath salts when he broke into this particular house, but I think those police are just being Grinch-y. It's pretty clear what Trent was really up to: He was filled with joyful Christmas spirit and wanted to spread good will and yuletide cheer to his neighbors. That family should be so lucky that such a charitable burglar would pay them a visit -- he's practically a real-life Santa Claus! -- not to mention the fact they got some free decorating out of the deal.

If Trent is guilty of any crime, it's celebrating Christmas way too early. But I think we can overlook that detail and appreciate him for being so considerate and generous.

Do you wish someone would put up your holiday decorations this year?


Image via kevin dooley/Flickr

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