Michele Bachmann Needs to Stop Wasting Everybody's Time

michele bachmannIt's not easy being Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann in the run-up to the 2012 election. First, she fails to get her U.S. history straight multiple times, then Newsweek puts her on the front page lookin' like a googly-eyed nutjob, then she gets asked MEAN, SEXIST questions like whether or not she'd be submissive to her husband if she won the presidency, and now, CBS is conspiring to kill her campaign, goshdarnit! How long can one candidate be victimized before she totally loses it?!

See, Camp Bachmann is up in arms, because CBS political analyst John Dickerson wrote an email to several recipients stating that Bachmann was likely "not going to get many questions" at Saturday night's debate, because of her current, "nearly off the charts" standing in the polls. By mistake, he just happened to include Alice Stewart from Bachmann's campaign on the email list. Dun dun daaaaah.


Now, Bachmann-ites are boo-hoo'ing that this email illustrates the clear "liberal bias" of the media that aims to "freeze her out" of the race and derail her "conservative message." And Bachmann campaign manager Keith Nahigian was even heard saying, "John Dickerson should be fired. He is a piece of sh*t. He is a fraud and he should be fired." Waaaah wah wah! What a joke.

Dickerson was simply being honest. At this point, Bachmann has close to NO chance of securing the nomination. It's not their fault that she's polling so pathetically low. As a CBS spokesperson later said, "[The email] was a candid exchange about the reality of the circumstances -- Bachmann remains at 4 percent in the polls."

So for them to assume the numbers reflect voters' desire to hear less from her seems like an on-point conclusion. By planning not to ask her as many questions, CBS was simply giving voters what they want -- more Mitt, less Michele. 

But Bachmann can't handle the truth. She'd rather point fingers, blow this up into a "conspiracy" that she's being ill-treated (for what? Sympathy votes?), and waste everyone's time by pushing for a longer stint on the soap box.

Listen, if she still had a shot in hell, I'd be the first one to say it seems wrong (and even potentially sexist) to shove her aside. But she doesn't, and for that reason, there's no question CBS did nothing even remotely as wrong as she'd like to believe.

Was CBS wrong or is the Bachmann campaign blowing this out of proportion? Do you think a candidate's polling numbers should affect how many questions they're asked in a debate?


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