The Rise of Female Hunters: Fad or Here to Stay?

women hunterThese days, there isn’t much women can’t do just as well, if not better, than men. We’re better educated, we make more money, and let’s face it ... we smell better. Ok, that last link leads to a study proving that women have a better sense of smell than men, but really, is anyone going to try to deny that the fairer sex has a fairer scent than our male counterparts?

With the boardroom conquered, chicks are heading to the field to prove their skills as hunters.


Hunting wild game is still a male-dominated pastime, but chick hunters are rising amongst the ranks to prove that they can hunt just as well as gather. Rocky Mountain states like Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming have seen the biggest increase in female hunters in recent years, with girls making up as much as 19.5 percent of residents applying for hunting licenses. "Women are not just stuck in the kitchen these days, and hunting is no longer a gender-specific activity," said Kelton Hatch, conservation educator with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. 

Whether it’s the declining economy prompting women to hunt their own dinner, or the wild popularity of shows like Survivor or even Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which feature fearless women doing what it takes to sustain themselves and friends or family in wild environments, there’s no denying that chicks are saying, “I am woman, watch me catch my prey!” 

One author and food blogger putting to rest the idea that hunting is a butch sport is Georgia Pellegrini, who routinely posts about living off the land, and has a book coming out soon titled Girl Hunter. Take a look at this classically trained, gorgeous chef, and try to argue that hunting is something only boys should do.

Bravo, ladies! What wonderful examples you are to our daughters that there is no glass ceiling anymore. Men are still lovely creatures to have around, and many of them do wonderful things, but it's empowering to know that we chicks are capable of taking care of ourselves if need be.

Besides, why should boys have all the fun?

Have you ever hunted? Would you? Should we leave it to the boys? What do you think?


Copyrighted photo by Holly Heyser, used with permission.  

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