Celeb Attorney Gloria Allred Owes Fame to People You Can't Name

Gloria AllredIf there's a scandal in the press, and there's a woman front and center, chances are good Gloria Allred will be somewhere in the vicinity. The California attorney certainly pulls no punches. In her own words, she's the "most famous woman attorney practicing law in the nation today." With that kind of hubris, is it any surprise she's also the most polarizing woman attorney in the country?

Currently repping Sharon Bialek, the first woman to make public her accusations that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain made inappropriate sexual advances toward her, Allred inspires one of two emotions in Americans: love or hate. But she can't take all the credit. It's her clients -- many whose names are long forgotten by the media -- who have made Gloria Allred the woman we love ... and hate. Stepping past the celebrity names like Rachel Uchitel and Mel B, here's a look at  some of the people who made Gloria Allred -- who you may not even remember:


Laura Boyce: Nanny to Rob Lowe's kids, Allred helped Boyce forward her claim that Lowe's wife Sheryl was sexually abusive.

Robin Tyler and Dianne Olson: A committed lesbian couple who wanted to be married in the state of California back in 2004, Tyler and Olson hired Allred to help them fight for the rights of same gender couples.

Nicky Diaz: How soon we forget the names! Diaz was housekeeper to one-time California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. Allred represented her as she decimated Whitman's campaign with evidence that the candidate and her husband knew Diaz was not living in the country legally even while she was working in their home.

Amber Frey: The girlfriend of convicted murderer Scott Peterson hired Allred to help her deal with the media onslaught as she testified against the man eventually convicted of killing pregnant wife Laci.

Kelly Fisher: When Dodi Al-Fayed dumped her -- allegedly breaking off their engagement -- Fisher contracted Allred to help her get money from the Egyptian billionaire.

Sondra Blake: When actor Robert Blake stood trial in the death of wife Bonny Lee Bakley, his first wife was called upon to talk about their abusive marriage, with Allred at her side.

Brittany Ashland: Long before Charlie Sheen was winning his way off a CBS sitcom, the actor was accused of slamming his girlfriend into a marble floor. Her attorney? Allred, of course.

Griffin O'Neal and Joanna Berry: Ryan O'Neal's famous arrest for fighting with son Griffin and injuring Griffin's pregnant girlfriend was made all the more so by the couple's famous lawyer talking it up in the news.

Christina Fierro: Football great Lawrence Taylor was sentenced to a measly six years probation for having sex with her, but Fierro had Allred helping her in the fight for justice.

Ginger Lee: Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner had to face his porn star pal in public with Allred running the press conferences.

Amy Erin Blakely: A woman who says she was fired after complaining about sexual harassment (she was allegedly told to hide her breasts because they were too distracting in the workplace), Blakely made the media rounds with . . . you guessed it . . . Gloria at her side.

Charlotte Lewis: Roman Polanski's life got even more complicated last year when Allred helped this British actress make her claims that the scandal-plagued director had sex with her when she was just 16.

How many of these names do you recognize? What's your read on Gloria Allred? 


Image via uncatigger/Flickr

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